Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Job

I work in a kitchen showroom as a saleswoman; I face so many challenges in designing kitchens when the sight is not a regular space (square, rectangular).

This week I had this plan of a customer who claimed that an Italian Architect designed their house and its interior space CRAP! I never saw a horrible design made before; the interior space is so hard to furnish.

After 2 days of thinking and designing this was my result,


I hate Fridays, staying at home kills me and the only way to get out of that depression is to do some sketching or painting so here is some of my stuff, hope u like it.

Finito Italian

Finally am done with my first level course in Italian , I had my exam on Monday, O my what a hard exam! hope I will pass :p after the exam we all went out with Alissia our Italian teacher for pizza Yummy!!
The Restaurant was nice and cozy located in the 1st Circle. I had fun!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Imparare Italiano

Ciao,come stai?sono bello.speri che tutti siate benissimo,l'italiano รจ duro da imparare ma che fa bene,io ascolta la musica italiana per aiutarlo ad imparare.

Enough Italian hehe hope I wrote it right :p am in the 1 class course and it will end this month I love it and am enjoying it, hope I wont freeze and get nervous when I have to use it :). My teacher Alissia is nice and she knows how to teach us she have brilliant ideas, the class is held 3 days a week for 2 hours , in yesterdays class she taught us Preposizione,vita quotidiana. I have to much to study and i have no time cause of work maybe i have to in my weekends :(

I have to go back to work now my break is over so tak to ya all later ! Ciao

Monday, February 06, 2006

Journey of Delight!

I returned from Syria last night, who didn’t visit Syria, yet, should pack his/her bags and head to the airport NOW!!.

I had a great time there, delicious food and nice kind people they are so friendly and oh yeah the shopping there "for all you ladies" is a magnificent experience.

We went to downtown with our private car and drove into the narrow streets there at night it was amazing, there is many places you can visit in Syria but the more fun is downtown, the way they display the goods; in shops or in the middle of the streets in Hamidiah is breath taking.

In the evening as we still downtown we had dinner at one of the restaurants there called Bayt Al- Shami its an old traditional Syrian house renovated to be a restaurant, its one of the famous restaurants there that serves traditional Arabic-Syrian food and of course Turkish :), we sat near the fountain which located in the middle of the open court "Ard Deyiar". You can smell the jasmine hanged around you, the food was great so yummy that the plates was empty in less that an hour hehehehe.

In the next day shopping was tiring walking in Sha`lan Street and Hamrah that made us so hungry,after a quick lunch and visiting some relatives we head to Qasyoon Mountain where we headed to a restaurant for dinner , the view was amazing you could see the whole city at night with its lights glitter like the stars.

On Saturday as we driving back to the hotel we noticed the protests and the flags the signs the Shouting it was scary we locked the car doors, after a long drive coz of the protest we arrived to the hotel and saw on the news what happened, I know that they deserve what happen there but its not right!! You can’t burn and kill to solve a problem.

Anyway am home now and if anyone asked me if I can join them now back there I will pack my bags and head to the boarders hehehe I LOVE SYRIA!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here I start!

Just wana say hi and hope you like my Blog..:)