Monday, July 31, 2006

Lebanon Crisis

What You Can Do

1-Please pray for a peaceful resolution to this crisis; pray especially for the safety of children, their families and local World Vision staff.

2-Make a donation to Lebanon to help children and families affected by the fighting.

3-Sponsor a child in Lebanon. World Vision sponsorship helps provide additional assistance to children when disasters strike.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tagged !

I have been tagged twice by shy; well here I am doing it.

Here is little stuff about me :)

1- I'm an interior designer, working with dad in the business (I like it most of the time where is no STRESS).

2- I'm the eldest, have 2 sisters and 1 brother.

3- I LOVE Chinese and Italian food .

4- I'm an artist I draw and paint since I was a kid .

5- My favorite colours are blue and yellow.

6- I'm learning Italian (pretty hard when it's about grammar).

7- I don't see myself like the other girl around me, am more open to western culture; I don't belive that women are born to serve the men.

8- I love to travel .

9- I'm a caring person, loving, honest and sensitive.

10- I can be easy mad if people don't understand me from the first time. :")

11- I love herbal tea with all its kind.

12- I'm trying to lose weight but it's not happing(Why is it that all stores sell shrink clothes?).

13- I love hanging out with my friends (that would be 1-2 a MONTH) work gets most of my time.

14- I love kittens.

15- When I was a kid I used to imagine myself as a ballerina.

16- I love chocolates, more addicted to them in winter.

17- HATE Summer (hate to be warm and sweaty) and spring (allergic pills).

18- I can call myself a Committed Muslim.

19- I'm a Scorpion, born on the 6th of November.

20- It IRRITATES me when people are Racist (it does annoy me even when it's a joke).

I think that's enough I talked allot! : P don't know anyone who I can tag (I think they all been tagged before) so I think it will stop here.

Countries I've visited

Sorry Shy, i stole your idea :p, its cool you can see red marks of where you been in this big wide world, Inshalla (in Gods will) my map will be full covered in RED:D

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Part1(The hotel)

We Arrived to the hotel at 4 pm, it took us time to reach our rooms since the hotel was fully booked

Heres some pics of the room and views:

This is the view from my sister and her husband room

My room shared with my sister

Cool TV with DVD player

The bathroom was so cool , i like the design

Buit- in cupboards, there were so big i wished i brought more clothes with me :p

The view from my room

Appendix Horror

I know I told ya all guys that I will post soon, but I couldn't this is my first day free after am back, had BUNCH of work to do and my dad had to take his appendix off, he came back from work with a pain his belly he thought that its cause of his being stressed all day, he BARED it till the next morning when his Dr checked on him and said "Dress up, you going to the hospital now, am suspicious about your appendix". Around 7 PM after the tests and the X-Rays the Dr recommended a surgeon for the operation, and said he have to do it now! (Even though they weren't sure it's his appendix). my dad was so funny when he said " its late now we can do it TOMORROW" the Dr said if so its on your responsibility and here is the 3 option that maybe the reason of your fever and pain, 1- appendix (that will be removed) 2-Colon (that would be cut and a hole will be made on the side of the body working instead of the Rectum) 3- Tumor.

If you wana know where I was when all that happen I will say WORK, I called mom after work that 8:15 PM asking her how dad is doing my sis answered saying your dad just got into surgery WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Driving so crazy to reach the hospital where I found mom, brother and 2 sisters waiting in the room "WHAT HAPPEN! WILL HE BE OK?", after telling me what happen and so and waiting for the operation to be don my sister mother in law came , that was so nice of her I have been told that she didn't allow mom to be alone :) and she was there before me .

After 1 hour we went down to check and see if they are done a nurse said they need more 1 hour that made us terrified. We went upstairs praying that it won't be his Colon. 3 min later my sister husband went upstairs to the room "it's the Appendix, it's the Appendix". After 15 min we went to see his :)

The Dr. told us that he never saw such a huge Appendix before his hip was full of infections and pus he had to wash it away with 4 liter of water.

Thank God this is over what a nightmare, he will be out tomorrow :) and the funny thing that you guess will be laughing for is what he asked me the 1 time he saw me in the ICU "what happen with work? Did you guys sell anything"?!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Am Back

Hi all, hope you all well, i had fun in Syria and i will post what i did soon

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zidane gets kicked out of the World Cup

You all saw the HEADBUTT Zidane gave Materazzi, watch the VIDEO if you didnt see it.

I think what Zidane did was stupid , crazy and unprofessional,but I also believe that everyone has their limits. Apparently, Materazzi called him a "dirty terrorist".

Watching this VIDEO of how dirty Materazzi is , geez sorry babe you deserve it !
ITALY 1-1 FRANCE a.e.t 5-3 PSO
9 July 2006

Italy are world champions for the fourth time after beating ten-man France 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in Berlin's Olympiastadion on Sunday, 9 July 2006.

Twelve years after losing to Brazil in the first shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup™ Final, Italy made up for that heartbreak as all five men in blue converted their kicks to claim world football's greatest prize for the first time since 1982. For France the pain of defeat was compounded by the sight of Zinedine Zidane, on his last appearance as a professional, leaving the field having been sent off in extra time for butting Marco Materazzi off the ball.

It was Italy's first successful shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup after previous failures in 1990, 1994 and 1998 and ironically it was a miss from France’s David Trezeguet – whose golden goal had defeated the Azzurri in the final of UEFA EURO 2000 – that opened the door for Fabio Grosso to fire the winning spot-kick past Fabien Barthez and spark celebrations all the way from Bergamo to Bari.

If penalties can resemble a lottery, there could have been no more deserving matchwinner than Grosso, such a positive influence for Italy throughout this tournament. He was one of several Italians prominent in a first period where the Italians played the more fluent football, although it was France who took an early lead.

Eight years after scoring twice in the FIFA World Cup Final in Paris, Zidane opened the scoring with a seventh-minute penalty after Materazzi’s trip on Florent Malouda. By the 19th minute, however, Materazzi had made amends, the big defender heading the equaliser from Andrea Pirlo’s corner.

Although both sides threatened to score a second – notably Italy’s Luca Toni, who headed against Fabien Barthez’s crossbar before the break - neither managed to add a second. Extra time brought a scare for Italy when Buffon had to tip over Zidane's header but soon afterwards the France captain was making the sad walk to the dressing rooms.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Finally am getting a break from work, am going to Syria tomorrow i cant wait! Being working so hard since i got back from Italy, if you said IF THE DAY IS 48 HOURS WOULD YOU FINISH YOUR WORK? My answer will be NO! These past 3 months were so tiring and stressful.

For the 1 time ever we gona stay in FOUR SEASON hotel and for 4 days i cant wait to see it , since lots i know said its fabulous. So my friends i promise i will take pics and post them and tell you everything i did there.

So c ya all later
From My Home

I watched the game at home , what the use of going out if you have a big TV at home hehehehe :p well here is some of special coverage of the match! ENJOY

Aint my top COOL or what! i wore it in the game and teased everyone when they SCORED!!! :D


GERMANY 0-2 a.e.t. ITALY
4 July 2006

German dreams of reaching the FIFA World Cup™ Final on home soil died in Dortmund as two goals in the final moments of extra time carried Italy into the Final as 2-0 semi-final winners on Tuesday, 4 July 2006.

With a penalty shoot-out looming, Fabio Grosso broke the deadlock in the 119th minute as he curled a left-footed shot past the despairing dive of Jens Lehmann from the right side of the penalty box. Substitute Alessandro Del Piero made sure of Italy's place in the Final when he beat Lehmann from close range in added time at the end of the extra period.

Italy now advance to their first FIFA World Cup Final since 1994 and their sixth overall. They will face the winners of Wednesday's Portugal-France semi-final in Berlin's Olympiastadion on Sunday, 24 hours after Germany have contested third place with the losers of that match in Stuttgart.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

King Abdullah on Star Trek

Aint that cool!

check the link to see the video
30 June 2006

Italy cruised into the semi-finals of Germany 2006 with a convincing 3-0 victory over Ukraine in Dortmund on Friday, 30 June 2006.

A sixth-minute strike from Gianluca Zambrotta set the tone for the evening and a second-half brace from Luca Toni merely compounded the misery for Oleg Blokhin’s side. Oleg Gusev, Andriy Gusin and Maksym Kalinichenko all went close for Ukraine, but were denied by a combination of the woodwork and some excellent goalkeeping by Gianluigi Buffon.

Italy now turn their attentions to a semi-final tie with the hosts in Dortmund on Tuesday, 4 July, while FIFA World Cup™ debutants Ukraine will return home justifiably proud of their efforts.

The game was cool, i really enjoyed it at home, i wished they scored more though :p