Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wireless & Wanadoo

Finally I had the time and transfer the net into wireless, thank ya Hasan for helping me out :) didn’t have an idea that it would take 3 hours to put the modem, access point and configure them.

You must have heard of Wanadoo new speed offer right! I called them and ask for upgrade ok and they told me to check with the Telecom to check if my phone line supports that speed so after stopping by them and waiting for the line the man behind the desk said Sorry, Your Phone Line Cant Support This Speed! :( I wonder if anyone went home disappointed as I did!

Henna party

I don’t know if ya guys remember me talkin about my best friend gettin married on the 1st of Jan 2007! Well she had a henna party on Thursday and oh my! What a fun I had! To be honest this is the 1st time I ever been into one! "since it's not a tradition in Syria or among ones who lives here" the songs were really nice the way they danced holding candles and incense "bakhoor" wearing the traditional dress were so cool. After dancing "till ya feet can't hold ya" and eating "since ya didn’t eat all day preparing ya dress, hair do etc..." Each invitee got a small packet of henna, a cool ceramic box with chocolate inside :p and a henna tattoo. Here is mine!

Happy Eid

Thursday, December 28, 2006


One of my friends sent me this and I thought of sharing it, hehe its so funny !!

Happy Eid

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It is SNOWING! Sta Nevicando

Finally my wish come true! IT IS SNOWING .. and here is the song with every snow... ENJOY!!!
تلج تلج عم بتشتي الدنيي تلج
و النجمات حيرانين و زهور الطرقات بردانيين
تلج تلج عم بتشتي الدنيي تلج
و الغيمات تعبانين عالتلة خيمات مضويين
و مغارة سهرانه فيها طفل صغير
بعيونو الحلياني حب كتير كتير
تلج تلج عم بتشتي الدنيي تلج
كل قلب كل مرج زهر فيه الحب متل التلج
و جاي رعيان من بعيد
وين الطفل الموعود؟
هون يا رعيان العيد
هون الليل المنشود
تلج تلج شتي خير و حب و تلج
على كل قلب و على كل مرج
ألفة و خير و حب متل التلج
Amman & Winter

I think the photos explain itself! I took them while i was driving home last night from work.

I LOVE WINTER! Hope it snows tonight :D

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Study Back

This is a funny video I watched on Ahmads' blog, made by some students at NYMC based on Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back".

To Dar, Yabco and all you med students out there, Enjoy! ;)

Zade's new album "BEAUTIFUL WORLD" in Prime Megastore now!

Jordan's leading composer and pianist follows-up his two Billboard charting CDs with BEAUTIFUL WORLD, a sumptuous showing of his Middle-Eastern upbringing combined with Western contemporary influences. Featuring his original compositions performed by the region's most stellar musicians, plus two cuts by Elias Rahbani, this latest release is a lush love-letter to world music enthusiasts.

The Cd is great here is the list of the tracks:

My favorites are marked in orange.

  1. Beautiful World

  2. Hannen

  3. I wished I said I am sorry

  4. Your beauty my madness

  5. Alia

  6. Comes to an end

  7. A world in silence

  8. Musician of the night

  9. starchild

  10. Amman

To listen to the tracks visit

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Depression Phase, Una Fase Di Depressione

:( :( :( ....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Canzoni Mi Piace

Elisa & Ligabue - Gli Ostacoli Del Cuore

NEK - Instabile