Friday, November 30, 2007

Entertain your ears with music!

Love these albums so I thought of sharing them with you guys,

1.As I Am (Intro)
2.Go Ahead
4.No One
5.Like You'll Never See Me Again
6.Lesson Learned - (with John Mayer)
7.Wreckless Love
8.Thing About Love, The
9.Teenage Love Affair
10.I Need You
11.Where Do We Go From Here
12.Prelude To a Kiss
13.Tell You Something - (Reprise)
14.Sure Looks Good To Me

Celine Dion - Taking Chances

Taking Chances
2. Alone
3. Eyes On Me
4. My Love
5. Shadow Of Love
6. Surprise Surprise
7. This Time
8. New Dawn
9. Song For You, A
10. World To Believe In, A
11. Can't Fight the Feelin'
12. I Got Nothin' Left
13. Right Next To the Right One
14. Fade Away
15. That's Just the Woman In Me
16. Skies Of L.A.

Keyshia Cole - Just Like You

1. Let It Go - (with Lil' Kim/Missy Elliot)
2. Didn't I Tell You - (with Too Short)
3. Fallin' Out
4. Give Me More
5. I Remember
6. Shoulda Let You Go - (with Amina)
7. Heaven Sent
8. Same Thing - (Interlude)
Got To Get My Heart Back
10. Was It Worth It?
11. Just Like You
12. Losing You - (with Anthony Hamilton)
13. Last Night - (with Diddy)
14. Work It Out
15. Let It Go - (remix, with Missy Elliot/T.I./Young Dro)

Chris Brown - Exclusive

1. Throwed
2. Kiss Kiss - (with T-Pain)
3. Take You Down
4. With You
5. Picture Perfect
6. Hold Up
7. You
8. Damage
9. Wall To Wall
10. Help Me
11. I Wanna Be
12. Gimme Whatcha Got - (with Lil Wayne)
13. I'll Call Ya
14. Lottery
15. Nice - (with Game)
16. Down - (with Kanye West

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Celine Dion - Eyes On Me

This is one of Celine new album songs, I love it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

30 days and still waiting

Since they start digging the tunnel in Madina Al-Tibeyeh Street, we have this hole in front of the showroom, to remind you of the date even check my old post about the electricity and phone line cutting off. And because they were working we had no right to complain, but it’s been like 30 days now and there is no body workin.

So we called the Greater Amman Municipality to file a complaint, their response was that they will close it within 10 days. Its 22 days now and none came!

We called them again and they said we should file a complaint to the Water Authority of Jordan since they are the one who dug it!!!!! : 8

So we called the Water Authority of Jordan and complained a file! Hopefully this HOLE will be closed NEXT YEAR!

So Frustrating!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007