Thursday, November 30, 2006

Musica Italiana

Il mio disco nuovo italiano:

  1. Nek : Instabile

  2. Stadio : Fine di un'estate

  3. Elisa and Ligabue : Gli Ostacoli del Cuore

  4. Tozzi - Masini : Come Si Fa...?

  5. Fiorella Mannoia : Cravo e Canela

  6. Le Vibrazioni : Se

  7. Moda' : Malinconico a metà

  8. J-Ax : Ti Amo o ti Ammazzo

  9. Laura Pausini : Io Canto

  10. Fabri Fibra : Idee Stupide

  11. Tiziano Ferro: Stop! Dimentica

  12. Dolcenera: Comè straordinaria la vita

  13. Fabri Fibra: Applausi per Fabri

  14. Moda': Quello Che Non Ti Ho Detto

  15. Eros Ramazzotti : Bambino Nel Tempo

  16. Zero Assoluto - Sei parte di me

  17. Elisa: Una Poesia Anche Per Te

  18. Tiziano Ferro: Ed ero contentissimo

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Departed (2006)

Directed by
Martin Scorsese

Writing credits

William Monahan (screenplay)
Siu Fai Mak (screenplay "Wu jian dao") (as Alan Mak)
Felix Chong (screenplay "Wu jian dao")

Plot Outline: Two men from opposite sides of the law are undercover within the Massachusetts State Police and the Irish mafia, but violence and bloodshed boil when discoveries are made, and the moles are dispatched to find out their enemy's identities.
Cast (in credits order)
Leonardo DiCaprio .... Billy Costigan,
Matt Damon .... Colin Sullivan,
Jack Nicholson.... Frank Costello
Mark Wahlberg.... Dignam
Martin Sheen .... Oliver Queenan
Ray Winstone .... Mr. French
Vera Farmiga .... Madolyn
Anthony Anderson .... Brown
Alec Baldwin .... Ellerby
Kevin Corrigan .... Cousin Sean
David O'Hara.... Fitzy (as David Patrick O'Hara)
James Badge Dale.... Barrigan
Mark Rolston .... Delahunt
Robert Wahlberg .... Lazio (FBI)
Kristen Dalton .... Gwen
My View: I went yesterday and saw it i can give it 8/10 i like the movie the way Leonardo DiCaprio act was superb he did his part proffacianaly, what made the movie down its value is the ending it was so stupid and so silly.
For who didn't watch it here is a Trailer and some photos:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To You

Artist: Westlife
Song: Have You Ever Been In Love
Album: The Love Album

In the morning light
half awake and half asleep
have you ever laid there thinking
was it all a dream?
but you reach out and she's there
every moment, everywhere
have you ever been in love?
have you ever felt
how far a heart can fall
have you ever stayed up waiting
for a telephone call
just to hear her say hello
cause you miss each other so
have you ever been in love?
have there been times to laugh
and times you really want to cry
finding reasons to believe her
cause you'd die a little if she lied
and when in times of doubt
have you ever tried to work it out
but still she leaves you wondering
what it's all about
and when she's far away
have you ever felt the need to stray
and tried and then discovered
it just doesn't pay
cause with her, you can be true
and with her, you can be you
have you ever been in love?
have there been times to laugh
and times you really want to cry
finding reasons to believe her
cause you'd die a little if she lied
and when in times of doubt
have you ever tried to work it out
but still she leaves you wondering
what it's all about
and when the night comes down
can you call your house a home
do you dream you're still together
and wake up alone
have you ever been in love
the way that i'm in love
have you ever been in love?
have you ever been in love?

Saturday, November 18, 2006


An American stepped into the showroom weeks ago and I was called from my office to help since I can speak English better than the others, after an hour tour and asking for styles, colors and kinds of wood we sat down and had this conversation.

Me: so .., would you like me to make you a design Mr.….?
Him: Bridges
Me: "with a smile", nice meeting you Sir, where ya from? Which state?
Him: Chicago, your English is perfect, where did you study?
Me: "a chuckle" here! Didn’t go anywhere!
Him: wow I'm impressed! You people talk English very well not like what I though!
Me: how you mean? Most people in Jordan talks English very well.
Him: I know!
Me: do you like it here? How long since you been here?
Him: 2 years, and yeah I love it
Me: I don’t think you prefer it than the state, right?
Him: I really like it here, me and my wife ain't thinking of going back at the moment that why we are buying a house here
Me: "shocked" really!
Him: yeah, you know, I feel safe here like I can see the sunset, go out at night with my family without being worried of being shot, my kids goes into a safe school away from drugs and violence.
Me: oh I see "smile"
Him: I will call you and arrange it with my wife.
Me: cool, this is my card,
Him: thanks
Me: nice meeting you, have a nice day
Him: you too, bye

Unfortunately they didn’t buy the kitchen L the owner of the house refused to share the expenses in it, so they will stick with the one which is already installed, they were really nice, I meet a lot of Americans and Europeans at work and they all say that they are happy here and they feel blessed for it, while I can't wait to get out of it and see the unknown! hehe
Men and marriage

Ok I had this proposal "marriage proposal"; I usually don’t talk about these kinds of topics but that man really irritated me that I wished I could kick him out the house!

So after 2 visits with his mom they called back and asked to see me alone and discussing it with my mom we set a day and a time.

Bell rings, I open the door with a smile, dressing nicely.

Me: hi, come on in.

I lead him to the guest room
Him: hi, walks and sit down
Me: "silent with a smile" to break the silent I ask, so how was your day?
Him: fine, "pause" hope you don’t mind I came alone I mean without my mom.
Me: no, it's your right; this is how we would get to know each other more.
Him: yeah, that what I thought of.
After 5-10 min of being silent
Him: so do you like maids?
Me: oh you mean housekeepers, yeah .why?
Him: well I don’t like them around [ be2raf menhom].
Me: "in shock" oh! I see "me thinking what's wrong with this guy! Starting our conversation with this topic?"
Him: I don’t think and believe we would need one if we got married.
Me: ok
Him: after things been going fine with my father he build a building where we live in and gave each of me and my brother a flat to live in after we marry.
Me: ok "geez I would live up my mother in law! No way this is going to happen!"
Him: I just wana tell you something is that my financial state aren't like my parents its way bellow.
Then he started talking about himself and bragging about how honest and a good man he is.
Me: "bored and interrupting" so, what you think is the bad thing in you? For example I'm a little bit stubborn but if you talked to me and explain, that problem is solved.
Him: well if someone is stubborn with me I would be more stubborn and I would even tease. I'm a quite man when it's about my personal life. [katoom].
Me: what do you mean?
Him: my parents beg me for telling them my work details, I hate that.
Me: oh
Him: am a little picky when it's about food, I don’t eat the food if I don’t like it.
Me: even if you invited out?
Him: yeah I won't act like am pleased with it, I won't eat it.
Me: "thinking what a man!" do you see yourself as an eastern or western man?
Him: what do you mean?
Me: I mean it by the way you think? Would you mind if I called you at work and said am going out with my friends for dinner or something?
Him: of course I would mind!
Me: "shocked and confused" excuse me? Would I need your permission to go out or so?
Him: yeah! What if I told ya I don’t want you to go and I wana spend the evening with you?
Me: I see! We can spend time together in other night!
Him: what about your job? Would ya quit it?
Me: never!
Him: I always thought that if I married a teacher she would finish around 2 pm go home finish cleaning the house and cooking till am home that would be at 5 pm.
Me: "getting irritated by the tone of voice" I never been in a situation that made me think if I would leave work or not but I know for sure I wont.
Him: you know I do want to marry a housewife
Me: "still irritated" I ain't a housewife!
Him: "shocked" I see, we can manage you know, if we went shopping and couldn’t decide on buying a blue or green sweater we can talk about it and pick one
Me: "what an idiot" well I would buy both of them!
Him: oh my God! Spend all that money!
Me: "and he is stingy, geez" you know am spoilt.
Him: me too, we can spoil each other
Me: "hate his sarcastic tone" I'm spoilt in my parents house and I wana stay spoilt after I move out!
Him: geez it's late, hope I didn’t bore you
Me: "yeah you did, can't wait till you gone" nah didn’t feel the time also
Him: ok I better go
Me: ok.
I walked him to the door, and he said goodbye and left.

Some people say that its we the girls which are picky! Come on! How a girl would say yes to a man like that! He didn’t ask me how I been, didn’t comment on my dress, been so snob and bossy! Why couldn’t he ask about my interests? What I like and dislike? My hobbies? How was my work going? I'm happy I won't see him again! Geez

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Character , Il Mio Carattere

Thank you Shy for your tag,this is a cool one! :)Click here if you want to do it.

I tag Dar, Andrew, Crossoverboy, Abed. Hamdan, and Omar.

Grazie molto Shy per il tuo tag, lo e' molto piacevole :) scatto qui per fare lo tag.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Photos 3

What fun i had! thats me up there with my sister :p
I'm not gona lie and say it wasn't scary in the first 5 min :")

photos 2

Here are photos taken of the hotel and whats around it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Photos 1

As i promised here are more photos :

Photos taken from the room in Mövenpick Hotel

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Here are the photos of Eid as i promised!

Photos taken in our way to Aqaba

Photos taken in Aqaba

There is more will post them soon!
A wedding

Hold it guys it’s not mine! Am still single and am happy about it :D hehe one of my best friends getting married on the 1st on Jan. Aint it cool! Her mother flew to the state to check on her brothers and sisters and she had no one to help her in the preparations since also her future in laws live in Qatar , so I went with her to do everything; The flowers arrangements, Hotel hall reservation, the car and it's decoration, the invitation and OF COURSE the wedding dress! That was in deed the most difficult challenge! After looking and searching for a dress we decided that her mother should buy it there. I was so happy for her and I am now but she’s gona go away and live in Qatar! I will miss her a lot :(


What a busy 2 weeks I had!! And what FUN I had :D I have many things to talk about and will post them separately there is the 1st post

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday tooo meeee, Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy 25 Birthday Lilly
Buon compleanno a me! :p

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hi all I'm BACK, give me couple a days so u all see the photos i took!