Saturday, November 18, 2006

Men and marriage

Ok I had this proposal "marriage proposal"; I usually don’t talk about these kinds of topics but that man really irritated me that I wished I could kick him out the house!

So after 2 visits with his mom they called back and asked to see me alone and discussing it with my mom we set a day and a time.

Bell rings, I open the door with a smile, dressing nicely.

Me: hi, come on in.

I lead him to the guest room
Him: hi, walks and sit down
Me: "silent with a smile" to break the silent I ask, so how was your day?
Him: fine, "pause" hope you don’t mind I came alone I mean without my mom.
Me: no, it's your right; this is how we would get to know each other more.
Him: yeah, that what I thought of.
After 5-10 min of being silent
Him: so do you like maids?
Me: oh you mean housekeepers, yeah .why?
Him: well I don’t like them around [ be2raf menhom].
Me: "in shock" oh! I see "me thinking what's wrong with this guy! Starting our conversation with this topic?"
Him: I don’t think and believe we would need one if we got married.
Me: ok
Him: after things been going fine with my father he build a building where we live in and gave each of me and my brother a flat to live in after we marry.
Me: ok "geez I would live up my mother in law! No way this is going to happen!"
Him: I just wana tell you something is that my financial state aren't like my parents its way bellow.
Then he started talking about himself and bragging about how honest and a good man he is.
Me: "bored and interrupting" so, what you think is the bad thing in you? For example I'm a little bit stubborn but if you talked to me and explain, that problem is solved.
Him: well if someone is stubborn with me I would be more stubborn and I would even tease. I'm a quite man when it's about my personal life. [katoom].
Me: what do you mean?
Him: my parents beg me for telling them my work details, I hate that.
Me: oh
Him: am a little picky when it's about food, I don’t eat the food if I don’t like it.
Me: even if you invited out?
Him: yeah I won't act like am pleased with it, I won't eat it.
Me: "thinking what a man!" do you see yourself as an eastern or western man?
Him: what do you mean?
Me: I mean it by the way you think? Would you mind if I called you at work and said am going out with my friends for dinner or something?
Him: of course I would mind!
Me: "shocked and confused" excuse me? Would I need your permission to go out or so?
Him: yeah! What if I told ya I don’t want you to go and I wana spend the evening with you?
Me: I see! We can spend time together in other night!
Him: what about your job? Would ya quit it?
Me: never!
Him: I always thought that if I married a teacher she would finish around 2 pm go home finish cleaning the house and cooking till am home that would be at 5 pm.
Me: "getting irritated by the tone of voice" I never been in a situation that made me think if I would leave work or not but I know for sure I wont.
Him: you know I do want to marry a housewife
Me: "still irritated" I ain't a housewife!
Him: "shocked" I see, we can manage you know, if we went shopping and couldn’t decide on buying a blue or green sweater we can talk about it and pick one
Me: "what an idiot" well I would buy both of them!
Him: oh my God! Spend all that money!
Me: "and he is stingy, geez" you know am spoilt.
Him: me too, we can spoil each other
Me: "hate his sarcastic tone" I'm spoilt in my parents house and I wana stay spoilt after I move out!
Him: geez it's late, hope I didn’t bore you
Me: "yeah you did, can't wait till you gone" nah didn’t feel the time also
Him: ok I better go
Me: ok.
I walked him to the door, and he said goodbye and left.

Some people say that its we the girls which are picky! Come on! How a girl would say yes to a man like that! He didn’t ask me how I been, didn’t comment on my dress, been so snob and bossy! Why couldn’t he ask about my interests? What I like and dislike? My hobbies? How was my work going? I'm happy I won't see him again! Geez


Abed. Hamdan said...

I know you're irritated! but I should laugh at this LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

what kind of asshole is he ?? lool

Lilly said...

you know whats funny? he been looking for a wife these past 5 years! and after all what i said his mom called sayin she and her daughter wana see me!

Reham said...


Actually, i'm not that judgmental but I think I should give you my honest opinion.

I actually think you're a little snobby yourself and very high maintenance.

From personal experience I can tell you, that no guy is perfect. It's natural for them to overlook something like comment on your dress and say sexist things about not wanting you to always go out.

It's just what guys do.

That doesn't mean it's right, and that doesn't mean you should settle and overlook important values. But when you look for a potential partner... someone you want to live the rest of your life with... you should look beyond the compliments and the maids.

He's a jerk though in more ways than one.

I wish you the best, and I hope you will find someone whom you feel will give you the ability to see yourself through his eyes, and help better eachother, because no one is perfect. :)

Lilly said...

Reham yes maybe I'm very high maintenance. But aint who suppose to knock on the door knows who they dealing with? they must had asked about me and my family! most of what i said to him came coz he irritated me he really got on my nerves!