Saturday, November 18, 2006


An American stepped into the showroom weeks ago and I was called from my office to help since I can speak English better than the others, after an hour tour and asking for styles, colors and kinds of wood we sat down and had this conversation.

Me: so .., would you like me to make you a design Mr.….?
Him: Bridges
Me: "with a smile", nice meeting you Sir, where ya from? Which state?
Him: Chicago, your English is perfect, where did you study?
Me: "a chuckle" here! Didn’t go anywhere!
Him: wow I'm impressed! You people talk English very well not like what I though!
Me: how you mean? Most people in Jordan talks English very well.
Him: I know!
Me: do you like it here? How long since you been here?
Him: 2 years, and yeah I love it
Me: I don’t think you prefer it than the state, right?
Him: I really like it here, me and my wife ain't thinking of going back at the moment that why we are buying a house here
Me: "shocked" really!
Him: yeah, you know, I feel safe here like I can see the sunset, go out at night with my family without being worried of being shot, my kids goes into a safe school away from drugs and violence.
Me: oh I see "smile"
Him: I will call you and arrange it with my wife.
Me: cool, this is my card,
Him: thanks
Me: nice meeting you, have a nice day
Him: you too, bye

Unfortunately they didn’t buy the kitchen L the owner of the house refused to share the expenses in it, so they will stick with the one which is already installed, they were really nice, I meet a lot of Americans and Europeans at work and they all say that they are happy here and they feel blessed for it, while I can't wait to get out of it and see the unknown! hehe

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