Saturday, November 11, 2006

A wedding

Hold it guys it’s not mine! Am still single and am happy about it :D hehe one of my best friends getting married on the 1st on Jan. Aint it cool! Her mother flew to the state to check on her brothers and sisters and she had no one to help her in the preparations since also her future in laws live in Qatar , so I went with her to do everything; The flowers arrangements, Hotel hall reservation, the car and it's decoration, the invitation and OF COURSE the wedding dress! That was in deed the most difficult challenge! After looking and searching for a dress we decided that her mother should buy it there. I was so happy for her and I am now but she’s gona go away and live in Qatar! I will miss her a lot :(


Shy said...

Single and happy? So no plans to get married anytime soon ha? Maybe u can vist your friend inQatar when she moves

Abed. Hamdan said...

mabrook 4 ur friend :)