Wednesday, August 30, 2006


It do hurt when a colleague at work accuse you or calls you a teller! That what happen with me today with one of my colleague who is a woman, it do hurt me a lot I'm not that kind of person who would do such a thing, my story is more complicated since am not like the other employees here, you can see am more like the daughter of the boss (the future manager) it's cool but also difficult; I have to tell my dad about what is going on when he's not there still not everything small details that’s not important .

So now she's not talking to me; thinking I'm the one who said something about her which isn't true, it do irritate me that she didn't check who said it before she point the finger on me, the only thing I can do and am doing is leaving her alone so she can think more and discover that she was wrong.

I went yesterday shopping with my mom, I hate shopping maybe that’s weird for a woman to say "I HATE SHOPPING" hehe, we went to cosmos' clothes section were they have 70% sale off all clothes, aint that cool or what? I do have problems when I go shopping maybe that why I hate it, can't find the right size I rarely buy clothes here.
Hay don’t you ever think of "hay she must be fat or sth" I'm not! You can say I'm not a standard size to women in here being tall aint my fault! I tried more than 30 pairs of pants and the result was 6! 10 shirts and the result were 2! So I don’t think anyone can blame me for hating shopping.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quello Che Non Ti Ho Detto - Modà

"Scusami... se quella sera sono stato troppo fragile... E non ho avuto proprio forza per resistere... per fregarmene...

Scusami... ma la voglia di sentirti era incontrollabile... Dirti tutto in quel momento era impossibile... era inutile

Scusami, se ho preferito scriverlo, che dirtelo, ma non è facile... dirti che... Sei diventata il senso di ogni mio giorno...momento...perché...

...perché sei fragile... io non sto facendo altro che confonderti... Ma vorrei far di tutto per non perderti... e per viverti... ti prego di qualcosa oppure stringimi... Ho paura del silenzio e dei tuoi brividi...dei miei limiti...

Scusami, se ho preferito scriverlo, che dirtelo, ma non è facile...dirti che... Sei diventata il senso di ogni mio giorno...momento...perché...

...perché sei fragile...e come me sai piangere...

Scusami, se ho preferito scriverlo, che dirtelo, ma non è facile...dirti che... Sei diventata il senso di ogni mio giorno...momento...perché...

...perché sei fragile...e come me sai piangere..."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A song,Una canzone

Questa canzone è la prima canzone che mi sono sentito e realmente ho capito, io la amo mólto. Qui è il relativo video

This song is the first song I heard and I really understood, I love it a lot. Here is its' video

Quello che non ti ho detto - Moda'

A complement

I had an appointment at my nutrition; I sat beside this old woman I think she was in her 70s and she started to chat with me asking me questions I knew she was bored.

Her: How are you dear?
Me: Fine thanks, and you?
Her: Fine, where you from?
Me: Syrian.
Her: I knew from the beauty of your face and accent.
Me blushing: Thanks, am born here though.
Her: why you here? You not fat!.
Me with a smile: I have to lose some kilograms.
Her: did you lose any?
Me: yeah, but sometimes I don't.
Her with sad face: me too.
Me: losing some is better than losing nothing.
Her: oh yeah for sure.

Then her name was called, and she went in, when she was out after she smiled at me and said "good Luck", I said "you too".

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Italian Music

Since am learning Italian, I start listening to music to help my language this is some of the song that I like:

Click on them to listen

Fabri Fibra - Applausi Per Fibra
Zero Assoluto - Sei Parte Di Me
Tiziano Ferro - Stop! Dimentica

Fabri Fibra

My Car!

Here is a photo of my car its taken before the mirror was stolen :p

My 2004 Chrysler Red Neon.

press on it to Enlarge

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stolen Mirror!

Leaving home to go to work i found something missing in my car! the right side mirror is missing!! someone stole it in the night. i cant belive it, how come people can do that.

Thank God my insurance paid for a new one! :D

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Since I heard Massari - Real Love song, I can't get it out of my head and I have to move my body with the song, I really love that song! I downloaded it so I can listen to it in my car and that didn't
Stop me from dancing in there :p people would think am crazy or there is a bee in my car it's just me having some FUN!

To know more about Massari Click Here

To download the song Click Here


Finally, I can't believe that the government did something about these fireworks! They scare me a lot!! They not allowed after 10 PM that God! I jumped out of bed more than once cause of them!!

I know people want to celebrate whatever occasion they have, but can't you think of what's the hell going on in Lebanon now? People are dieing and you start FIREWORKS!! That is really SICK!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The CNN survey

This is the result of the survey till today on CNN i knew about it from
Heroine .

Created: Thursday, July 13, 2006, at 03:55:19 EDT

Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified?


1033391 votes


1742607 votes

Total: 2775998 votes

To vote click

Saturday, August 05, 2006

part 2

We went downtown in the next day, here is a brief about the area.

Damascus is quite famous for its popular old markets, (souqs),specialized ones such as al Al-Hamidieh, Madhat Basha, Al-Buzurieh, the Handicradts markets in addition to and Khan As'ad Basha which was built in the mid-19th century . These markets have been working since hundreds of years till nowadays.

The khan provides an place for the exchange of good, storage of merchandise and temporary residential units.

Each khan was specialized both in terms of the commodity traded and the nature of the visitor, whether foreign merchants or a traveling caravan.

The most famous market in Damascus is Al-Hamidieh market (souq). It is one of the most famous and attractive souqs in the world with its constant show of traditional arts.

while you walking down till the end of the market you will see the Umiada mosque ,but before it you will see these wooden tabels with umbrellas when i saw them it made me feel like we are still in Roman age.

Umiada mosque