Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I went yesterday shopping with my mom, I hate shopping maybe that’s weird for a woman to say "I HATE SHOPPING" hehe, we went to cosmos' clothes section were they have 70% sale off all clothes, aint that cool or what? I do have problems when I go shopping maybe that why I hate it, can't find the right size I rarely buy clothes here.
Hay don’t you ever think of "hay she must be fat or sth" I'm not! You can say I'm not a standard size to women in here being tall aint my fault! I tried more than 30 pairs of pants and the result was 6! 10 shirts and the result were 2! So I don’t think anyone can blame me for hating shopping.


Chris in MB said...

How tall are you?

Leilouta said...

Buy skirts instead of pants :P

Lilly said...

hehehe good idea leilouta! :p

Lilly said...

am 173cm high bare foot :)thats 5.8"

Rain Drop said...

sorry for intruding :)

am a little bit taller than u r (177cm), so i know what ur going through :)

best long sleeved shirts are found at G2000 and sometimes massimo dutti. T-Shirts can easily be found anywhere ;)

pants,,, take the short cut, find a gr8 tailor ;)