Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Finally, I can't believe that the government did something about these fireworks! They scare me a lot!! They not allowed after 10 PM that God! I jumped out of bed more than once cause of them!!

I know people want to celebrate whatever occasion they have, but can't you think of what's the hell going on in Lebanon now? People are dieing and you start FIREWORKS!! That is really SICK!


Michelle said...

people do try to make the best of every situation

Lilly said...

yes Michelle but not every people

tooners said...

Even w/ the suffering in Lebanon, life moves onward. Sometimes ppl take any chance to celebrate life, even when such sad things are happening around them. For some, it's their only way to feel at peace or to have an ounce of happiness. I, for one, love fireworks, but I understand how you must feel. I miss the huge fireworks' celebrations on the Fourth of July in the States.

Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

Lilly said...

your welcome tooners :) whats bothers me now is that they start them before 9:45 pm coz they not allowed after 10! its so ironic, you would feel like you in a middle of war when its more than 3-4 goes out in the same time!!!!