Saturday, August 05, 2006

part 2

We went downtown in the next day, here is a brief about the area.

Damascus is quite famous for its popular old markets, (souqs),specialized ones such as al Al-Hamidieh, Madhat Basha, Al-Buzurieh, the Handicradts markets in addition to and Khan As'ad Basha which was built in the mid-19th century . These markets have been working since hundreds of years till nowadays.

The khan provides an place for the exchange of good, storage of merchandise and temporary residential units.

Each khan was specialized both in terms of the commodity traded and the nature of the visitor, whether foreign merchants or a traveling caravan.

The most famous market in Damascus is Al-Hamidieh market (souq). It is one of the most famous and attractive souqs in the world with its constant show of traditional arts.

while you walking down till the end of the market you will see the Umiada mosque ,but before it you will see these wooden tabels with umbrellas when i saw them it made me feel like we are still in Roman age.

Umiada mosque

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