Sunday, August 27, 2006

A complement

I had an appointment at my nutrition; I sat beside this old woman I think she was in her 70s and she started to chat with me asking me questions I knew she was bored.

Her: How are you dear?
Me: Fine thanks, and you?
Her: Fine, where you from?
Me: Syrian.
Her: I knew from the beauty of your face and accent.
Me blushing: Thanks, am born here though.
Her: why you here? You not fat!.
Me with a smile: I have to lose some kilograms.
Her: did you lose any?
Me: yeah, but sometimes I don't.
Her with sad face: me too.
Me: losing some is better than losing nothing.
Her: oh yeah for sure.

Then her name was called, and she went in, when she was out after she smiled at me and said "good Luck", I said "you too".


Shy said...

It's funny how a woman in her 70's still worries about her figure hehe

tooners said...

i love the elderly. how sweet her words to you! so much experience and wisdom w/ a woman that age!

LEMNA said...

Delicious photo:D

Lilly said...

hehe, thanks lemna, she is really nice , i know i will see her in my next appointment :)