Sunday, December 24, 2006

Zade's new album "BEAUTIFUL WORLD" in Prime Megastore now!

Jordan's leading composer and pianist follows-up his two Billboard charting CDs with BEAUTIFUL WORLD, a sumptuous showing of his Middle-Eastern upbringing combined with Western contemporary influences. Featuring his original compositions performed by the region's most stellar musicians, plus two cuts by Elias Rahbani, this latest release is a lush love-letter to world music enthusiasts.

The Cd is great here is the list of the tracks:

My favorites are marked in orange.

  1. Beautiful World

  2. Hannen

  3. I wished I said I am sorry

  4. Your beauty my madness

  5. Alia

  6. Comes to an end

  7. A world in silence

  8. Musician of the night

  9. starchild

  10. Amman

To listen to the tracks visit


Jad said...

I'm not into Music, Art or any sort of related stuff but I saw this guy on TV at Yes'eed Sabahak and he was just great, fe feels every words that comes out from his mouth, I don't know but for reason or another I believe he's such successful Jordanian pianist or whatever they call it :D

Lilly said...

yeah, I'm with ya in that! check his website and listen to the music Amman is one of my fav and believe me man he described Amman very well!