Saturday, July 29, 2006

Appendix Horror

I know I told ya all guys that I will post soon, but I couldn't this is my first day free after am back, had BUNCH of work to do and my dad had to take his appendix off, he came back from work with a pain his belly he thought that its cause of his being stressed all day, he BARED it till the next morning when his Dr checked on him and said "Dress up, you going to the hospital now, am suspicious about your appendix". Around 7 PM after the tests and the X-Rays the Dr recommended a surgeon for the operation, and said he have to do it now! (Even though they weren't sure it's his appendix). my dad was so funny when he said " its late now we can do it TOMORROW" the Dr said if so its on your responsibility and here is the 3 option that maybe the reason of your fever and pain, 1- appendix (that will be removed) 2-Colon (that would be cut and a hole will be made on the side of the body working instead of the Rectum) 3- Tumor.

If you wana know where I was when all that happen I will say WORK, I called mom after work that 8:15 PM asking her how dad is doing my sis answered saying your dad just got into surgery WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Driving so crazy to reach the hospital where I found mom, brother and 2 sisters waiting in the room "WHAT HAPPEN! WILL HE BE OK?", after telling me what happen and so and waiting for the operation to be don my sister mother in law came , that was so nice of her I have been told that she didn't allow mom to be alone :) and she was there before me .

After 1 hour we went down to check and see if they are done a nurse said they need more 1 hour that made us terrified. We went upstairs praying that it won't be his Colon. 3 min later my sister husband went upstairs to the room "it's the Appendix, it's the Appendix". After 15 min we went to see his :)

The Dr. told us that he never saw such a huge Appendix before his hip was full of infections and pus he had to wash it away with 4 liter of water.

Thank God this is over what a nightmare, he will be out tomorrow :) and the funny thing that you guess will be laughing for is what he asked me the 1 time he saw me in the ICU "what happen with work? Did you guys sell anything"?!!!!!!!!

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