Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tagged !

I have been tagged twice by shy; well here I am doing it.

Here is little stuff about me :)

1- I'm an interior designer, working with dad in the business (I like it most of the time where is no STRESS).

2- I'm the eldest, have 2 sisters and 1 brother.

3- I LOVE Chinese and Italian food .

4- I'm an artist I draw and paint since I was a kid .

5- My favorite colours are blue and yellow.

6- I'm learning Italian (pretty hard when it's about grammar).

7- I don't see myself like the other girl around me, am more open to western culture; I don't belive that women are born to serve the men.

8- I love to travel .

9- I'm a caring person, loving, honest and sensitive.

10- I can be easy mad if people don't understand me from the first time. :")

11- I love herbal tea with all its kind.

12- I'm trying to lose weight but it's not happing(Why is it that all stores sell shrink clothes?).

13- I love hanging out with my friends (that would be 1-2 a MONTH) work gets most of my time.

14- I love kittens.

15- When I was a kid I used to imagine myself as a ballerina.

16- I love chocolates, more addicted to them in winter.

17- HATE Summer (hate to be warm and sweaty) and spring (allergic pills).

18- I can call myself a Committed Muslim.

19- I'm a Scorpion, born on the 6th of November.

20- It IRRITATES me when people are Racist (it does annoy me even when it's a joke).

I think that's enough I talked allot! : P don't know anyone who I can tag (I think they all been tagged before) so I think it will stop here.

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