Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pictures taken in Syria

I visit Syria much , well am Originally Syrian hehe :p wanted to share with u some of sights in there that i took by myself , hope u like it :D

Al-Saida Zeinab Shrine (inside)

Al-Saida Zeinab Shrine

Al-Saida Zeinab Shrine (outside)

Tartous Sunset

Omayyad Masjid

Omayyad Masjid Minaret



Phantom of the Blog said...

those pictures are way cool!!
very nice!!!!!

Steliano Ponticos said...

Lilly hey again. I visited SYria a lot too!! I like your pics. Very authentic. Next time, think of visiting Palmyra or Aphamea or Ugarit or the Dead Cities. Also Aleppo is wonderful.

I also really like your drawings, or sketches.

Omni said...

What beautiful photos!! :-)


Hattori Hanzo said...

Aleppo is a must!!