Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pizza Horible !

All of us know that Italians invented Pizza and that they are known for their Cuisine! I was shocked of the food their, IT WAS THE HORRIBLE FOOD I EVER TASTSED IN MY LIFE! The pizza Yucky! The cheese was cut into cubes and not melted, LOTS of oil on it and no salt or pepper , the mushrooms tasted so bad .

Maybe I shouldn't say Italian Food in general "Milan Food" maybe its better in other cities , I don't know.

Well Fish and meat there is not bad :) I enjoyed my meal once in my 7 days stay :p


Leilouta said...

I had the same experience with their pizzas in Rome. Not as bad as yours, but I wasn't impressed at all.

Chris in MB said...

Same is true of Chinese food in China.

My father travelled there on business many times. Found that the food often contained sharp bone fragments & sand.

In some rural areas it is common to process grain by laying it out on the road for trucks to run over!

Leïla said...

one day someone told me that in fact italians didn't invent pizza but syrians did it. So we have to give back to cesar what belongs to him : Pizza is from Syria and it's for this that your pizza was so bad (hihihihihihi)(and now I will receive a lot of mails from italian people who will certainly insult me)

Omar said...

I'm surprised to hear that!
How about the Pasta?

Lilly said...

it was ok not bad :)

Omni said...

The Italians smeared tomato sauce on a crust with a little cheese; REAL pizza was invented in America.