Monday, March 26, 2007

Is it true? Or she's just being mean?

Every time and then the youth of the family get together and have a nice dinner I was happy of such an idea since I don’t really see them much coz of my job, but this last dinner really upset me some how I don’t know if its just me being sensitive or what been said was really mean!

Ok , hmmm this is tricky and little confusing hehe will try to explain as much as I can, my grandma was married early so was my mom, I'm kinda in the same age as moms cousins which I always thought so cool since they are the only relatives we have in Jordan. The thing here is that my grandma "mom side" and my dads family are some how related that why they share the same surname.

So not like always, this dinner was somehow special since one of mom's cousins got engaged YAAPY! I was happy about that! After waiting half an hour for everyone to gather up and the new couples to join us, we sat down and she started to introduce him to who didn’t meet him yet "I was one of them" after I'm done of introducing myself she said "but she's not from the FAMILY" he looked at her puzzled and I was silent, to break the silent she said "I'm Kidding!" I smiled acting like no harm was done. Ya3ni bala3tha! I don’t know why she said that?! Did she really mean it? Yeah maybe I'm not her close cousin but I 'm from the family right? Well that wasn’t the end, after we done and saying goodbyes her fiancĂ© hoped he would see me in the dinner grandma was doing " that’s my mom grandma!" hehe yeah she's still alive, I said "sure, inshallah" not having any clue if there was any special dinner on that we would be invited for. Her sister turned to me and said "yeah! I hope so IF YOU GUYS BEEN INVITED!" that what really upset me, it did hurt me.

I don’t know why they said that? Is it true that I'm not considered as one of the family? Or it's just them being mean?....


MQabbani said...


okay its like this lady

when am in Syria , between my aunts and mom's cousins LOL same my age too :) , am not a part of MOTHER family they always say when introduce me as :mwafa2 2bn al 2abani "its mean clearly not from the family"
and a lot of times if mom not with me i cant Go alone to such gathers,

i felt it a lot like mother's family is more cool and attach to me , but when it come to the truth am not a member of this family .. and they say it , not about being mean as it something become social ,

mother's family we are not a part of it and they always try to clear that .. its bother sometimes but i know the reason now ..

my niece , we keep call her by her family name and always say bent kaza , so she's not a part of us even she's my sis daughter, and she's pretty
blond, white and blue eye's ...

it seems something in blood not about how she look like or how much she love us , its about daughter of who ?

Lilly said...

dont you think this is sick? it do hurt alot, yeah they are cool and funny and i do love hanging out with them still i have to watch out my words comin out of my mouth i hate it! since my mom been sick we didnt go to see her grandma or attend the lunch she made for mothers day coz of my mom so i know what ya talkin about!

Shy said...

Maybe the generation gap between your mother and her cousins is the problem. Still its not nice to be treated like outsiders by your own relatives

MQabbani said...

yeah kind of ..

but honestly this is a society , it need a lot to see a change in it ..

be3een allah :)