Sunday, July 08, 2007

This Month in Amman!


Issa said...

We are proud to have an artist like Zade who represents Jordan worldwide, good job Zade!

maher said...

Honestly i dont know how the organizers select a certain date.. i mean Tiesto came in the middle of the midterms, also This concert will be so close to the final exams.. anyway thanks for sharing this info ;>

Lilly said...

Hope that I can see you guys there then :p

Issa: we are proud to have an artist like Zade especially that he is a relative of mine !:p

Maher: Good luck man hope you do well in your exams, AMMAN is getting wild this summer and that is so cool!!!

Who's-sane! said...

wow, I just checked his website and the music there, it's like nothing I've heard before! WOW!

try to post some videos after the concert :)