Saturday, April 19, 2008


It’s so disappointing when you plan for a trip and it get to be canceled suddenly like that, because of stupid STUPID work!

My trip to Milan is canceled due to work and family issues that I don’t understand why it have to concern me, anyway it’s so upsetting since I already got my visa on my passport.

I had to let go of my Italian classes for work, going out with my friends for work, I think this is the tax you pay when you work with family and when your boss is your DAD!

Lilly Grumps :(


Stephen said...

There will be other trips :(

Lilly said...

:( :( I'm upset, Lilly hits the floor with her foot!

Pilla said...

Hello, I am from Venice, have you ever been here? Milan isn't so cool.. just smog.. bye bye ;)

Maher said...

oh man! that sucks!
your boss is your dad? oh man! you have to find a way to convince him !