Thursday, August 09, 2007


It’s been really a long time since I wrote sth in here, things been really stressin and messy, some of my colleagues left and there were gaps in work someone "ME" have to fill, so between workin in sales and in purchasing department my free time or let say my breaks includin my lunch breaks were canceled!!.

I hate July! I hate summer! And I hate Amman more in July and summer!! “What a statement!” hehe.

The traffic get worse, the people manners are worse, and it’s so hot!!! I was so close to lose my temper today, I hate and I mean it I hate when cars beeps when there is traffic ahead like they think or believe your car have some kinda wings that can make it fly above the long lane of cars!!! Or when you are waitin for 5 min so you can pass and this car gets into the front skippin all the cars in the lane and would probably well defiantly cause a car crash just so they won’t wait more extra few min!!!!! We are talkin about CARS here! Not a queue in the supermarket you can skip!!! I hate drivin in AMMAN!

Thank God July is over and with it the worse month of the year gone with it!! I don’t know why but July was always our best month of the year as it’s the month we get our raise! :D “Happily mine were more than I expected!” :p


Alia said...

i recently moved to Amman , funny i gave up driving lesson back in AD and said , it's easier in Amman !!
funny , when i got here i took off the idea of driving out of my head !!
drivers are really CRAZY !!
they actually have a language with the "Beep" thing .. !!
and did you notice that every one , EVERYONE turns up the volume to Tamer hosny's album !!
i didn't have to get the album to listen to it , all i had to do was to walk around the streets and listen !!
well , after all i guess bad weather has something to do with this ..
nice post ..
keep it up

Stephen said...

Apart from the heat, Amman in the summer has a good flavour to it c'mon!

Alia said...

i never said that i didn't like it !!
what i love about Amman , that it's active 24\7 ..
even if it's midnight , you'll see people out there havin' fun =D