Thursday, August 09, 2007

Crazy or what!?

Did you ever woke up one day and decided to do sth crazy, well I think I did today!

Instead of goin to work, I visited a friend at the pharmacy where she works! Then went straight ahead to the hair salon and dyed my hair!! Not brown, not black, not blonde and not hazelnut, its RED! And not normal red color its COPPER RED! My mom called me on my cell while I was there and I ignored her hehe “I knew she won’t have let me do it”. Everyone was like huh! Why that color! Geez you are bold to do it!

To be honest I don’t know why I did it and why I chose that color! All what I know is that I needed a change in the way I look, and I think I did the job :p it was really cool to try sth none have did before and I do think I did want to do sth weird and not expected even if it’s only about dyeing hair , so what if the color turned to be bad and don’t fit me! I can easily change it!!

The result was that everyone in the salon was shocked of how the color looked on me :D and I am happy “relived” that the color suited me!!! :p


MQabbani said...

i just google it i like this color , just as my sis say its not suite any one easy

:) so i guess your lucky ;)

Stephen said...

It's good to try something bold every now and then :)

Lilly said...

Hehe :) yeah i am lucky , thanks for your comment

FrenchExpat said...

Way to go! You should post a pic. I used to dye my hair all shades of red. Sometimes I was pretty unlucky, but hey, I could always use some other colour to cover it, and I did.

Take care!

LEMNA said...

I do such things more often!
After years and years with long hairs, I suddenly cut it off to the boys German style of the haircut! Then dyed it Pink! not a normal one as yours!:D
My professor in the university used to say me why did not you make it grass green?!And now after 6 yrs still when he see me he still say the same!:D
I love doing such thingssss