Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mam "Kitty"
13th August 1953 - Saturday 23rd September 2006.

Last night I lost the sweetest person I ever knew in these past 4 years, for her sons she was a legend that stands up against all kind of troubles, miseries that would definitely breaks any human being, for me she was more that a friend she was like a mother that any girl would wish she can have, I loved her a lot, I shared my secrets with her and now she's gone! And I will never get the chance to meet her in person, and that hurts me so deep, I'm so mad and hurt that I can't help her family in this hard time.

To Martin, Stephen, Kristal, Peter, Paul, Jonathan, and Danny, I'm so sorry for your lost I wish I can help and be there for you all. Just know that my prayers are with all of you.


Shy said...

I cant believe it lilly, i just cant believe it. I worte her a letter to bury with her, hopefully I will be able to photocopy it and let u read it ;( ;( ;(

I love Munich said...

I am so sorry for your loss! The only thing which heals is .. time and good friends who lend a shoulder!
Sending you a load of strength!!

Omar said...

alla yir7ama..
we're all here for you lilly if you need some support

Lilly said...

Thank you omar, today is her funeral i still cant belive shes gone ;(