Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Bag Possessions

After being tagged by
Andrew I finally found the time and took a pic of what was in my Bag.

1- My Chanel sun glasses.

2- Max Factor lip gloss.

3- My Guess wallet.

4- My Keys; Car, Office, Lockers.

5- My Sony Ericsson K 750I Mobile.

6- My cheque book.

Now hmmmm I'm going to tag shy and Dar


Dar said...

Thats not alot of stuff :) for a girl ya3ni !


Bri said...

-Chanel sun glasses.
-Max Factor lip gloss.
- My Guess wallet.
- My Sony Ericsson K 750I Mobile.
sorry, but why r u here????r u a model??

Shy said...

Bri Why are u here? Its her blog!

Bri said...

in italy?

Nana said...

I agree with Dar :D