Monday, October 09, 2006


While I was cleaning my drawers and throwing out old stuff I found these 3 medals :) it got me back to high school days were we used to have basketball championship 4 years before I graduate between all classes. And my class won 3 times it was so easy for me to get in the game I love and good at since I was the tallest girl in class hehehe.

In my last year my class obsession turned to soccer! I think P.E was the most class we all waited for and loved that year, I still remember when we split into 2 teams and I was chosen to be the goal keeper! Why! Ok I will tell you the reason the net was small so with my height I can cover it with my body and arms! Hehehe well my team always won and was happy to make me the goal keeper while I was suffering of bruises all over my body!!

Playing basketball in uni was cool and I entered the girls' team but unfortunately there was no game the team was really bad! I used to play with my uni friends in breaks, I really miss it it's been like 2 years since I played, all my friends and I are so busy working!!

Here is a photo of my medals :D


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Shy said...

I hope u get to play again :)

Dar said...

LOL , u had potentials wallah :) bs ana hai ma fhemtha konto tel3ab basket ba3dein mara wa7deh 2alabto la soccer ! lol


Dar said...

Yow , u 've been taggged check it here