Sunday, October 08, 2006


Thank you Yaser, here are my fifteen favorite things (they aint in order):

1- Books ( Design, Sci-Fi and Romance.)
2- My laptop.
3- My herbal drinks (tea, chamomile, green tea, etc...)
4- My car
5- My friends (which I can see once or twice a month.)
6- My blog.
7- Music (new obsession is Italian music.)
8- My job (only when is there no stress and that rarely.)
9- Meeting new people (mostly at work.)
10- Drawing and painting.
11- Watching TV (Sci-Fi, horror, comedy and action.)
12- FOOD (I would try everything new.)
13- Cooking Italian and Chinese food.
14- Going out with family and friends.
15- Going to gym.

ok now i will tag shy, Andrew, Dar, Crossoverboy,Abed. Hamdan, omar, Chris in MB and Lemna.


Abed. said...

hey lilly,

thanks for tagging me, I'll answer it in my next post nshallah :D

Shy said...

Thanks for the tag also, I'll have to think about this before posting it hehe

Chris in MB said...

gee, I've been tagged? OK! Give me a couple days, I also have to think hard about my response.

Anonymous said...

thanks lilly for your post