Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Open minded

I don’t know how to start talkin about this topic, it really irritates me when ppl call their selves open minded and civilized coz they are runnin around half naked or naked in the streets.

Yes I HATE IT! You can’t call someone civilized or open minded coz of the way they are dressed, what’s goin on ppl!!??? Where is your brain? It’s defiantly not up in your heads! :S

I hate when a girl looks irritated coz a guy commented on the way she dresses and call him names! Won’t she stops and thinks, asks herself why he said that? "Is there sth wrong with the way I dress that made him says that?" Yes sometimes guys can be so sick and sleazy so don’t give them a chance to be so!

Recently I saw many changes going on in Amman that at some point made me feel so like a foreigner in my own city! I don’t know where ppl are heading but I know it’s not goin into the right direction!


Stephen said...

I understand what you're trying to say but no one should have the right to be direspectful to someone regardless of how they dress

Alia said...

well, intresting one !
you know what hurts the most , forigner , lets say Eurpean tourists maybe dress more "meo7tshem" than muslims and arab themselves !
you can see that all over ..
i've seen an indian women here in amman wearin' her tradition indian custom but she didn't show off her belly as back home ,she was wearing somthin' to cover it as a RESPECT for the muslim country she's visitin' ! how ironic !
it's not that im against wearn' permodas or low sleezez .. but there's a limit to everything !
after all .. winter is comin' soon , so you're not goin' to see such thing outdoors .. indoors only XD ..
nice post