Sunday, September 02, 2007


Ok I went to Syria last Wednesday and got back yesterday, you can say that I had fun there if you omitted the parts of crossing in and out the both countries. Leaving the border out of Jordan was so easy and smooth and somehow the officers were nice “not sth common in Jordan” entering the Syrian border was hell for me, specially that they questioned me and so, “I really was nervous and scared”, if you ask me why they did that my answer will be I DON’T KNOW THE HELL WHY!! My brother said it might be that I similar name to someone who is wanted as a joke and believe me it wasn’t a joke for me!!

I was really impressed by the developing that been going in Syria, new malls, new stores, new restaurants, and BRAND NAMES stores such as, Mango, Promod, Celio, Koton, Morgan, and more… I had fun with the family.

In our way back home the Syrian border was so so crowded and they did question me again! Which made me angry, after one hour and half waiting with 42c temperature we were done and headed to the Jordanian border the officer was so mean and impolite, talking to the women in a way that made me so mad “ he refuse to stamp the women passports till their men (husbands, brothers) were there!!!! The women said nothing and had to mix up in the men queue so they won’t lose their turn! What an idiot! I went to him and asked him to stamp mine and as all other women he said when your brother come in then I will stamp it for you, and I said why! Stamp mine and let me out of here so I can rest in the car, the LAZY officer didn’t like that! And said in mean way, “go rest in the car and let your brother stamp yours! “ I looked at him and said “FINE! But you better not ask for me when he gives you my passport” then I left! What made me so mad is the way he treated the women and that there was only one counter is working when there should be 4 and it was so crowded .


Moey said...

syria is always fun :)

Stephen said...

I've had similar experiences, I wonder if there is a point to what they do or are they doing it just for the sake of it

Qabbani said...

wallah WE growing up fast , every time i go there , find new stuff ,

about the border its not usual thing to happen

what did they asked u ???

" why u visit Syria , first time ? where u going to stay ?when last time, with who"

so its 3adi Q , :D

wallah i miss al sham , u know lazem anzel soon :D

Lilly said...

where i'm stayin in syria, whats the phone number of my stay, car number, car brand and car colour, i wish i stayed there more i did have fun!!!

Qabbani said...

hey its normal Questions , even me they ask :D ma3 2ni ben balad there :D

laa u didnt :( why? yallah 5erha be3'erha