Friday, September 28, 2007

Ramdan A7la Ma3 MBC

I know that we have already finished half of this holy month and I’m maybe little late to post this, well here are my favorite programs I’m watchin recently!


Bab al 7ara,

I love this show it do remind me of Damascus and my family there!

MBC Action

1- Law & Order SVU

2- N.C.I.S

3- C.S.I

4- Angel


Stephen said...

Dont spend too much time watching tv, make use of this blessed month :)

Jad said...

Law & Order, NCIS, CSI and Angel in Ramadan ?

Happy month of Gatayef.

Sou said...

Bab El 7ara is the only one I watch!

Ever since I started watching the show I've picked up"Ya mo!!" I can't stop saying it to my mom :D hehe

Qabbani said...

am TV fan

bab la 7ara , :D even its about our past life , but not that much i watch it nth new in it :D :D

Alia said...

i cant watch Angel on Ramadan , i'll be day-dreaming about it XD
so i'll stick to "Bab 2l 7ara" ..
LOVE it =D ..